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Thanks to the efforts of our townspeople, the Town of Wilton recycled 38.2% of its waste in 2005. This is very good, but we can always do better. We should continue to improve in order to reduce disposal costs and reduce our dependence on commercial disposal options.


  • Recycling is mandatory in Wilton.
  • Recycling is everyone's responsibility.
  • Every ton recycled saves a $52.00 disposal fee.
  • Clear plastic bags are required for non-recyclable waste.
  • An attendant can help with your questions.
  • Handle recyclables as directed by signs or the attendant.

Zero Sort Recycling to begin September 22, 2012.    Click here for more information.

We appreciate your cooperation with the Recycling Program.

 The Recycling Committee meets the 3RD WEDNESDAY of each month at the Wilton Town Office at 6:30 PM

Transfer Station Hours

Tuesday - 8:00AM-2:00PM
Wednesday - 10:00AM-5:00PM
Saturday - 8:00AM-2:00PM
Sunday - 8:00AM-2:00PM

Questions? Call the Transfer Station at 645-3731 or Town Office at 645-4961.

email:  wiltontransfer@myfairpoint.net 


Wilton has an integrated community composting program which will help us improve our recycling rate and reduce disposal costs. The program will also produce a soil amendment for use by the town in its public works projects and by residents.

BACKYARD COMPOSTING: We encourage you to compose your leaves, yard waste, garden waste, and vegetable scraps in your own backyard. Trained Master Composters are available to help you set up your compost bin or pile. Contact the Town Office for more information.

SCHOOL COMPOSTING: We are working with our schools to compost their food waste and yard waste. Our children will be taught about composting and asked to help separate waste and participate in their school programs.

TRANSFER STATION: A compost site is available at the Town's Waste Management Facility. This site can be used by any resident who is unable to or prefers not to backyard compost. Compost will be available for citizens, and the Town will use the product on its public works projects.


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