Wastewater Department:
Justin Futia, Superintendent
Nells Hawkins


Michelle Howatt, Utility Clerk


The Utility Clerk is responsible for the financial bookkeeping and billing of the town’s Water and Wastewater Departments. Call 645-2001 if you have any questions regarding utilities or questions regarding billing.


Wilson Pond Dam Operation Guidance Policy

The town’s unique solar-heated Wastewater Treatment Plant has won numerous awards for innovation and operational excellence.

Listed below are just a few of these awards.

  • E.P.A. Region 1 – Best Maintenance in New England – 2001
  • Maine Resource Recovery Association – Composting Facility of the Year – 1999
  • E.P.A. Region 1 Award for all New England – Operations and Maintenance – 1998
  • E.P.A. National Award Winner – Second Place in the United States – 1998