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Historically, Wilton's economy has been based upon manufacturing, agriculture and forestry. In the town's early years, manufacturing relied upon water to power grist mills, saw mills, carding and spinning mills and canning factories. The first cotton mill in Maine was started in Wilton in 1810. For a greater part of the 20th century G. H. Bass & Co. and Forster Inc. provided mill jobs for several hundred employees.  As the shoe making and wood products industries began to move offshore in the 1980's and 90's Wilton became a town in transition taking advantage of its intrinsic resources it has successfully arrived at the following description.

  • Wilton’s central location at the crossroads of Routes 2 and 4 is ideal for shipments and deliveries in and out of sizable warehouse storage space locally available.
  • Many of the previous shop and mill workers have taken advantage of the Maine state job retraining programs and are now gainfully reemployed.
  • A precision plastic injection molding business has grown to employ over 200 semi-skilled workers operating on a 24/7 basis.
  • A prim example of diversification in the past ten years is a state-of -the-art call center where 200+ trained employees support several nationally recognized companies.
  • The Town of Wilton maintains a Revolving Loan Fund from which local businesses can apply of low interest loans to support their operational needs.
  • Available telecommunication service spans from local dial-up internet, to DSL, to high speed broadband and T-1 lines.
  • Four different social service agency offices employing some 80 persons are located in Wilton.
  • From Wilton there are three major airports located within a two hour drive.
  • Two local commercial lodgings provide over 120 available rooms complete with a variety of services.
  • The University of Maine at Farmington, an award winning liberal arts college, is a next door neighbor to Wilton.  There are four other well know colleges within a 35 mile radius.
  • In addition to a modern dialysis center Wilton has various medical and dental practice offices.  A modern regional hospital is located adjacent to the Wilton town line.
  • Wilton provides a well rounded residential community with its tow bank branches, local library, multiple convenience stores and gas stations, food and hardware stores.  Local restaurants provide dining form pizza to gourmet dishes.

An ideal location

The Town of Wilton is an ideal location for a small- to medium-sized company specializing in technology-related industry.

  • We have the location.
  • We have the people.
  • We want to help you succeed.


Tax Increment Financing Target Area

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What is a TIF?

Tax Increment Financing allows qualifying businesses to purchase equipment, make capital improvements, etc., and apply the resulting property taxes to debt service for the purchases or improvements. In some parts of the TIF target area, the Town of Wilton may extend water and sewer lines for a new or expanding business, then apply the business' property tax to the installation cost. In either case, a qualifying new or expanding business can have at least part of its capital debt offset by all or a portion of its property taxes.

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